[ RASP UK Forecast (Stratus) ]


There are times when you may need to know the standard RASP paremters for the current half-hour period. For example, it's 11:30, what is the RASP prediction right now?

This is the kind of thing you can have as a short link on your phone and it doesn't need a lot of bandwidth to send to you (particularly if you request HTML text).

Before using the script, bear in mind these are done on the fly in real-time. So if the time "right now" is before 06:00 GMT and after 18:00 GMT, you will not have any output below.

To get a current forecast (Aboyne in this case), use the following URL, with the appropriate turn point:

Which would look like (this is a previous example and not live data):

Now if for some reason you prefer a text version (not an image), then add on the parameter &output=text. This would give the following URL to use:

The resulting output for Lasham Clubhouse at 16:51, looks like this:
Current Time 1651 - RASP Prediction Report for 17:00 for Lasham Clubhouse - LAS (1074, 1657)
W* Rate: 0 ft/sec BL Top: 438 ft Therm Ht: 413 ft HCrit: 413 ft
Cloud base: 1365.3 ft Temperature: 6.3 C Dew Point: 2.2 C Local QFE: 1012 mb
Sfc Wind Speed: 7 kts Sfc Wind Dir: 242 deg Surface Sun %: No Sun Rain this period: 0.00 mm

The following is a live request for Rattlesden in East Anglia (RDN):

Note if it is outside the RASP forecast hours, it will say so!

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BLIPMAP = Boundary Layer Information Prediction MAP - Created by Dr. John W. (Jack) Glendening, Meteorologist