As part of an update to the main parameter graphs, the wind speed and direction has been added to the top (see below as an example).

If rain is also forecast, this will also be indicated with rain drops for that period.


After some maintenance today, the RPFD function is back and should build out with today's results as the morning progresses.

If you spot anything odd, get in touch.

A simple function has been added to view the as-produced plots, but built into a short animated GIF image.

This should help with visualising what is going on over time, with the title and scale included.

You can find it by going here:

The potential flight distance page is undergoing some mainteance, so is temporarily unavailable.

If the work is a success, should be back for Sunday 2nd of May 2021.

To help look backwards, a new facility is available to look at the RASP archive. This is available here: 

Some notes on usage:

  • There are results for all the 1KM and 2Km models covering Scotland, Wales, Northern and Southern England and the whole UK at 2Km resolution.
  • The drop-down selectors indicate what is available. There are some small gaps in coverage on some models, so it is not complete.
  • Right-click for spot data is currently not available.


  • Some stats on the archive at January 2021:
    • Coverage varies from 2018 to 2021.
    • There is approximately 8.9M files in the archive.
    • There are about 2Tb of image files across the models.