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OpenMaps RASP Viewer

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The RASP table view allows spatial selection of plots and features.

To use the viewer:

  • To advance the plot/time, click or tap on the map area. This will cycle round the plots if the last plot for that day is reached.
  • The model selector gives different regions and resolutions. UK2 provides the highest resolution for two days, UK4 provides three days and UK12 a full week. The Welsh and Scottish models for two days only.
  • The day selector permits selection of the plot results for that day and the time for the time period.
  • The icon top right allows selection of differing map overlays, or selecting sounding markers and/or a selection of gliding clubs. These markers are clickable for more info.
  • To increase or decrease the plot transparency (opacity) use the buttons lower right to increase or decrease the transprency to the map underneath.
  • The plus/minus control provides the ability to zoom in or out.
  • Context information on that location on the map is achieved by right click (or long click for touch devices).
  • If a plot is old (i.e. no longer valid), it will state 'Warning - check the time and age for validity' across the plot.

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BLIPMAP = Boundary Layer Information Prediction MAP - Created by Dr. John W. (Jack) Glendening, Meteorologist