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BLIP Track Average

This application will determine if a given task can be completed, using the RASP forecast data as a guide.

To use the application, perform the following:

(1) Select the day you're thinking of flying.
(2) Select the proposed time of departure.
(3) Select a glider (your own type) - generally the Standard Cirrus (StdCirrus) is good at 36:1 glide ratio
(4) Select if you're using ballast or not.
(5) Select estimated circling sink rate (in still air - 2.0 down is a good default).
(6) Select thermal multiplier (1.0 is a good default).
(7) Add your turn points for your task in BGA three-letter codes. Note that you need a 'start' and at least one other (TP1). You do not need to fill all the boxes in.

(8) Press the 'GO' button.

(a) The actual date is printed on the results.
(b) If you want the results in a separate window, 'check' the 'NEW WINDOW' check box above the 'GO' button.
(c) If you know your task add to the URL in the following format (comma separated): ?task=RDN,GRF,PET,RDN

Based on original script by Paul Scorer. With additions by Darren Hatcher.

Select Forecast: Select dep time: Select glider: Select wingloading: Select circling sink(kts): Select thermal multiplier:

Start: TP1: TP2: TP3: TP4: TP5: NEW WINDOW


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BLIPMAP = Boundary Layer Information Prediction MAP - Created by Dr. John W. (Jack) Glendening, Meteorologist