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BLIP TurnPoint Stats

Popular recent BGA Turnpoint forecasts (in order of most recently reviewed).

There are 29 individual turnpoints requested.

BOO Booker Airfield218
SWE Swindon East12
MYN Mynd199
PRK Park, the120
DDK Devil's Dyke30
RIV Rivar Hill16
ABE Abergavenny1
CPH Camphill336
SE2 Seighford Hangar70
WRM Wormingford150
CRL Crowland A/f90
MIL Milfield60
UPW Upwood Hangar50
BRT Brent Tor30
SKF Skelling Farm28
CHP Chipping20
GRL Gransden Lodge18
AST Aston Down31
STO Stone10
BUX Buxton10
RIW Ridgewell Field20
LAS Lasham Clubhouse66
BIC Bicester Control Tower4
SWS Swindon South30
SWW Swindon W10
BUT Butser Hill10
DRL Darlton20
SBB Strubby20
NYM Nympsfield10
Total Requests1689
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