[ RASP UK Forecast (Stratus) ]

UK Blipspot Link Maker and Graph Producer

This page generates re-usable Blipspot links for a defined location.
It also provides a graphical view of some of the main parameters for the day shown and location selected.

How To Use?
Select a day then a BGA Turning Point, then press the Generate Links button. OR enter co-ordinates (signed decimal degrees) into the text boxes.

Usage Notes:

  • Latitude and Longitude should be in signed decimal degrees, where negative indicates west/south (e.g. 40.7486, -73.9864):
  • Refresh page (F5) to clear data
  • If you know the turnpoint you want, use '?tp=XXX' to set your interested BGA turn point.
  • If you don't know the turnpoint, use a latitude and longitude combination.
  • All graphs here are for full UK models at the various model resolutions. If you are using a small UK region model, their graphs cannot be created here.

Day of Week:

BGA Turning Point:

LAT:   LON:  

Blipspot Link (Raw Data):

Use the following to help build your own RASP results.

RASP by Turnpoint:

SkewT Link (for 1200):

Main Blip Parameters Link:

Temperature Link:

Wind Speed Link:

Wind Direction Link:

Cu Potential Link:

Sun Percent Link:

Stars Link:

Hourly Rain Link:

Blipspot Link result:

Get Map coords here
Parameter descriptions here

Based on original script by Paul Scorer and with help from GoGo. Additions by Darren Hatcher.


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BLIPMAP = Boundary Layer Information Prediction MAP - Created by Dr. John W. (Jack) Glendening, Meteorologist